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Tineco FLOOR ONE S3 Breeze - 30min, Smart Wet Dry Cordless Vacuum Floor Washer & Mop Stick

Tineco FLOOR ONE S3 Breeze - 30min, Smart Wet Dry Cordless Vacuum Floor Washer & Mop Stick

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The Floor ONE S3 Breeze is the starting model of our premium FLOOR ONE range, it includes important advancements over the entry-level iFloor range being the following:
- LED display screen
- Long 35 min runtime
- iLoop sensor technology (dirty sensor)
- Includes extra brush roller

Main Features:
• 2in1 Smart Vacuum & Mopping:
Simultaneously vacuum and mop wet or dry messes, and even sticky messes on hard floors with ease, this is the way cleaning was meant to be: fast, effective, convenient, and easy.
Cut your cleaning time in half.

• Up To 35 Minutes Of Cordless Runtime:
Both clean & dirty water and battery power are constantly adjusted by Tineco iLoop, meaning FLOOR ONE S3 Breeze wet dry vacuum allows you to clean for 35 minutes with less refilling, less emptying, and less recharging.

• LED Screen:
An LED screen enables users to clearly understand real-time time working information such as battery level, self-cleaning status, brush roller tangled, auto-mode enabled, wifi, power indicator, Clean Water Tank empty, Dirty Water Tank full or blocked, as well as the iLoop™ ring.

• iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology:
iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology takes the guesswork out of cleaning by detecting wet and dry dirt, debris, and other messes.
It automatically adjusts suction, water flow, and brush roller speed to clean any mess it encounters, enabling a longer runtime, cleaner floor, and easier user experience.
No more having to switch between power level settings to adjust suction power.

• iLoop™ Ring Display – Clean with Confidence:
Monitor your mess with the smart iLoop™ ring display.
The iLoop™ ring on the screen changes from red to blue to tell you when the floor is clean.

• Continuous Fresh Water Cleaning:
The dual-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate enabling it to continuously clean with fresh clean water and cleaning detergent, all at 450rpm.
No more splashing around dirty water like you do with a traditional mop.

• Cleaning Modes:
- Auto Mode – utilises the intelligent iLoop Sensor to detect messes and automatically adjust suction power and water flow, providing the optimal clean. The best option for your regular cleaning.
- Max Mode – engages max power and water flow for sucking up and wiping down tougher messes.

• Forward Self-Propulsion for Effortless Lightweight Use:
Like all of our wet-dry floor washers, when pushing forward, FLOOR ONE S3 BREEZE assists users by self-propelling itself forward, allowing it to feel easy to maneuver.

• Touch-Free Self-Cleaning:
When placed on the charging dock, at the press of a button, the self-cleaning cycle automatically removes dirt, hair, and debris from the brush roller and tube for fast, hands-free maintenance.

• Never Touch A Dirty Roller Again:
The pet hair strainer makes pet hair removal quick and easy for homes with pets.

• Storage Tray:
A minimalist storage tray allows users to place FLOOR ONE S3 Breeze on it and allows it to self-clean.

• Voice Guidance & Smartphone App Connectivity:
Monitor cleaning performance with both the built-in voice assistant and TINECO APP which provide helpful maintenance reminders, cleaning reports, and other useful resources.

• Big Water Tanks, Long Cleaning:
High-capacity clean (0.6L) and dirty (0.5L) water tanks enable users to clean larger areas.

• Quick Drying, No Streaks:
Unlike traditional mopping, the FLOOR ONE S3 Breeze leaves your floors completely dry and streak-free in a matter of minutes.
No more waiting for floors to dry after cleaning.

• 80 dBA Quiet Operation:
FLOOR ONE S3 Breeze has a low noise operating level of 80 dBA, for quiet operation that won’t disturb you, family members or pets.

• Included Deodorizing & Cleaning Detergent Solution:
Includes a multi-surface cleaning solution for hard floor cleaning, one lid measure mixed with water is tough on stains and safe to use on indoor flooring.
Note: Make sure to ONLY use the Tineco detergent solution (standalone bottles locally available) as our detergent is designed to not foam up when mixed with water, nor does it crystalise when dried inside the water tank.

• Included Brush Roller:
Includes a single free brush roller (lower-end iFLOOR range models don’t include any complimentary brush roller).
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